Is moving home really that stressful?

It is thought that moving home is one of the most stressful things in one’s life that one can go through. In fact moving home is found to be the third most stressful event, followed by death and divorce. This poses the question, what makes moving home so stressful? Issues can occur with paperwork that could derail the whole process. Also you mustn’t get too attached to the place you want to buy in case it all falls through. Then again, it’s the biggest purchase of your life, so you need to fall in love with it.

Once the hard part of the actual packing and  moving is over and done with then the fun part begins of furnishing and finding a decorating style that suits the house. For some this means finding one-off homeware items that not everybody will have. This makes the whole process fun and exciting. Not forgetting all of those house warming gifts! The challenge can be deciding on what style your home should have and whether this style will be continued throughout your home.

Kitchen styles can range from sleek modern bordering on clinical to country style kitchens. Solid wood counter tops along with breakfast bar counter stools are also a popular choice with homeowners.  The amount of items that need to be purchased when moving in can seem overwhelming, when everything from bathroom accessories, bath towels, dinner sets blinds and tableware need to be purchased. The key for any new home owner is to not rush into purchasing everything at one, taking ones time is important to create a style in your home that will last and won’t date. Enjoy!


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