Housewarming gift ideas

We all do it from time to time, be it something as transient as changing rented accommodation to the big step in buying and moving into ones first permanent home whether it be as single person, a couple, as newlyweds or as a family unit. Such a move and occasion often calls for a celebration of sorts and a housewarming party and gives guests a perfect opportunity to present housewarming gifts that will be welcomed by the person or couple in the new house.

A housewarming party or first time visit to the new abode usually calls for a simple but well thought out housewarming gift to mark the momentous occasion. At parties a good bottle of wine is usually the gift of choice but if looking to add a different touch why not consider different ideas. Gifts that will decorate or be useful for brightening up the new home and making it feel homely are a good bet. Think candle holders and stands, nicely designed cushions and throws, picture frames etc.

There are also gifts that are needed such as kitchen essentials. When people are moving house, it is inevitable that in the big move certain items (chopping boards, shower curtains, old pots and pans, plates, the odd kitchen essentials, bath mats as well as bathroom accessories) are often sacrificed and left behind during the packing process. This represents an opportunity for a gift that they will be practical and useful to the new homeowners. For gifts with a lasting impact consider design and style that is thoughtful and personal. Think wonderfully crafted wooden salad bowls and splate trays, serving bowls, designer dinner sets or cleverly designed bread and cheese boards, and other household and kitchen essentials that combine style with practicality.

With careful thought and consideration, when it comes to upcoming housewarming parties or occasions you can give a gift that is functional, stylish and thoughtful and one that will be appreciated in years to come.




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