Bar stools from the pub to the kitchen table

A furniture and homeware item that is necessary and which we spend a good portion of our day using, but often overlook is the humble chair or stool. Along with a table, a chair or stool is an essential part of the house and home furnishing.

Whilst we think we know what a standard chair or stool for a kitchen or home looks like, modern innovations in kitchen design and peoples open attitudes to home decoration have brought in a number of alternative seating options to rival humble single armchairs. One of which is the bar stools emergence as a seating option in the modern home. Once upon a time only available in public houses (bars), hence its name, as well as in pool and billiard halls and trendy upmarket bars and restaurants, the humble bar stool has made its way into our kitchens and home as a modern alternative to the traditional chair.

The tall slender counter/kitchen bar stool which often comes in a range of modern styles can easily fit around modern kitchen counters and/or their floating isles. Their upright shape makes them ideal for kitchens and dining rooms with limited space. Plus their unique design which made them popular in pubs and in the pool and entertainment areas of a club or venue as a spectator chair lend themselves well to life inside the average home.

The tall upright shape of a kitchen counter bar stool allows for a higher viewpoint when one is eating, drinking or socializing. With a bar stool, you don’t slouch down as you would in a chair, you sit up, observe and interact with your surroundings. Being so upright they are easy to hop on and off of so you can walk around and sit down easily, perfect for a social gatherings or for grabbing a quick breakfast in the morning. Indeed their unique premise lend themselves well to a household or occasion where flowing conversation and social interaction is the norm, making them ideal seating to have for parties and social occasions.

Coming in a range of styles, colours (traditional wooden stools, to metal and colourful funky plastic styles) and with many features (many varieties have foot rests and backs for extra comfort and ease while others can swivel 360 degrees) they can easily fit into your kitchen and home and can look quite stylish with cushions and throws. Also ideal if you are looking for house warming gifts or if you are looking for that special addition to your kitchen and dining area.

So whether you be redesigning your kitchen and need an upright tall modern type of stool to go with a floating kitchen isle, have a small kitchen dining room space and need a breakfast bar stool to fit into the table counter keeping your passageways free or are looking for a fun and modern take on seating which allows you and your friends to engage more in conversation then maybe consider bringing this staple piece of a public house into your very private home.




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