What to get the friend who has everything

It’s Christmas and the despite many of our best intentions and pre-planning the time is flying with just a few days till Christmas and only a handful of shopping days left. Whilst gift shopping for most people isn’t too difficult, there is often one person/friend on the list for whom getting the perfect gift can seem next to impossible to find. Usually going by the mantle of “the friend who has everything” they can be an enigma, and can often be difficult to shop for and it can be hard to discern what type of gifts they would like.

So when faced with a gift buying enigma, the only way out is to imagine every possible gift item available and mentally cross it off the list. Think of their hobbies and interests (think cookware gifts, sports, technology gadgets, interest in culture, films, music, books etc). Try to imagine something they would use or cherish but might not have.

Think of what type of gifts they would like? Are they into physical objects/gifts or are they action/experience minded, would they prefer a physical gift to hold or a ticket/voucher to a memorable event, for a meal out or stay in a hotel or service.

Look at their home, do they appreciate well designed and decorated household furnishings/living room designs? Would beautifully crafted and intelligently designed household pieces such as intricately designed candle holders (scented candle optional) cushions and throws and other decorative gifts suit? Or consider artworks or handmade prints and crafts crafted by local artists to hang on a wall or on the shelf.

Are they into cooking, baking and hosting dinner parties? Think of gifts that offer novel and smart ways to present food or make hosting parties more stylish or easier, i.e. serving platters or dinner sets. Or items such as well designed and beautiful kitchen gadgets or a quality set of long lasting pots or baking trays that give a helpful hand to their masterchef aspirations? For the kitchen host consider a well crafted set of cutting boards, tableware or impressive kitchen trays or platters to impress guests?

Away from the home side of gifts how about something thoughtful and personalised? Think of a gift that may mean something personal to them, photos of happy occasions or moments presented in an elegant picture frame, or a personalized gift. Or get them temporarily into the spirit of Christmas with a nicely designed Christmas decoration or Christmas themed decorative gifts that bring the yuletide spirit into the home.

And if your gift recipient truly is someone who has everything then how about giving them an ethical charitable Christmas gift with a conscience that takes in the true spirit of Christmas, such as a donation to a charity made in their name.

With so many gift options available, Christmas shopping for the friend who has everything needn’t be too hard, it’s just a matter of thinking up limitless possibilities and whittling them down to one. Happy hunting.


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