Make a splash of colour this January

Now that Christmas has come and gone, decorations are carefully stored in the attic for another few months and your home suddenly begins to look bare with a wide open space, now is the time to consider new homeware items to make a statement this 2015. Gone are the reds, golds and silvers that Christmas is associated with and in its place why not make a splash of colour to cheer you up during the grey January days?


Adding a splash of colour to your sitting room for instance is known to have profound effects on the emotional well-being of you and your family. Decorating is traditionally viewed as simply a matter of aesthetics and what looks attractive, however the actual proponents of colour psychology have much more of an effect that what most people realise.

For instance warm colours such as reds, yellows and oranges as well as beige and brown work well in a sitting or living room as they are thought to stimulate conversation. Reds are believed to increase heart rates and stimulate activity. Whether it’s a statement cushions and throws or candle holders or to help stimulate conversation whilst enjoying an evening meal why not choose statement coloured bar stools in a bright colour.

Whereas if you are looking to incorporate a calming and relaxing atmosphere cool colours such as blues, greens and lavenders are perfect. Whether its a little pop of blue in your bathroom to create a relaxing effect e.g. red bath mats or bathroom accessories or lavender bed linen and duvet covers. Statement armchairs for bedroom can also dramatically change a room and an green armchair for instance can have a positive effect on the ambiance of your bedroom.


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