Brightening up a bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, no matter what the shape or size, whether its an onsuite or the main bathroom, many people seem to have a very common compliant- they find their bathroom very dark and dull.

For the most part in main bathrooms tend to have one bathroom which is usually small in size and sometimes onsuite bathrooms have no window, relying solely on unnatural light. Similar to how adding brightly coloured bed linen can transform a bedroom, brightly coloured bar stools can add a pop of colour to a north facing kitchen or a splash of colour from cushions and throws can brighten up a living area, there is a lot that can be complete to transform a normally dull bathroom into a brighter more fun space.

Our top tips to brighten up a dull and boring bathroom are as follows:

  • Add some new bathroom accessories including baskets, soap pumps and soap dishes
  • Use bright colours- adding bath mats or bath towels in a bright colour that compliments the colours of the tiles, paint our general colour scheme.
  • A wall mounted mirror can reflect light and can make your bathroom appear brighter. Think of using a mirror as a decorative item rather than the functional mirror above the sink.
  • Changing tiling or repainting can have a huge impact on the brightness. Whites, creams and bright colours bring out the brightness in a bathroom.
  • When it comes to lighting ceiling lighting might seem like the best option when in fact wall mounted lighting projects more light.
  • Adding some contemporary furniture in a light colour can really help. Oak or dark wood might seem attractive however lighter coloured furniture can transform the space dramatically.
  • Lastly de-cluttering a bathroom and keeping it clean are also very important factors to consider. Bathrooms are full of reflective surfaces and keeping these areas clean will ensure as much light as possible is reflected.

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