New Valentine’s Day Trends

Who says that you have to go down the conventional or traditional route for Valentine’s Day of getting your loved one a big bunch of roses or booking a table at the local restaurant in Dublin or nationwide.  Simple, fun yet practical gifts are a great way to give someone a gift that’s different.  Gift giving can be a challenging task with the added pressure of having to impress loved ones.

For many a typical Valentine’s Day gift is simply the experience of a shared meal along with spending time together. Aside from the more traditional and typical gifts, giving a physical gift can be a good route to go down.

For those looking to try something a little different, a new trend taking Valentines by storm are “red” coloured gifts.  Red bed linen, candle holders, cushions and throws, dinner sets or even bath towels are a great way to add a splash of love to your home this Valentines weekend! Enjoy Valentines in the comfort of your own home this weekend, cook up a storm and for something a little different why not partake in this new trend-it’s sure to impress!


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