Mother’s Day Gift Giving – Part 2

In our previous post we ran through the importance of acknowledging Mother’s Day and how it should be celebrated. In this post we will run through the numerous great gift ideas for mums to show our appreciation to our mums this Mother’s Day.

There is the option of running with a typical gift or surprise such as breakfast in bed, cooking the evening meal or by supplying flowers, cards and chocolates. If new trends are anything to go by then Afternoon Tea in hotel for instance could be a treat to consider or maybe she would prefer a traditional family Sunday lunch out.

However this year why not try something different and surprise her with something she will love and appreciate. Surprise her with a well thought out personal gift such as a homeware gifts which are the perfect gift for Mothers Day. You could run with the usual gifts such as chocolates, cakes, confectionary, and flowers however something a little different is often much more appreciated.

If you are stuck for ideas on the more non traditional gifts, it is wise to put a lot of thought in it and make sure you understand her likes and dislikes. She may be your mum but behind the mantle of being a mother she also has individual likes and dislikes. Worth considering are her passions, hobbies as well as her individual traits, interests and personality. Does she like gardening, cooking or she is “house proud”? If so it is worth considering a gift that will add to a living room such as a nice picture frame, candle holder or cushions and throws. If your mum is one to regularly have guests over for dinner or if she regularly hosts dinner parties dinnerware, serving platters or tableware are also worth considering.

For the cooking expert, there are a range of cookware gifts that are ideal for the baking lover! Or for the gadget lover choose from there are a range of the latest kitchen gadgets and kitchen accessories that mums would love.  The bottom line is make sure that you choose a gift that you are sure she will like and appreciate.

Also worth considering are pampering gifts to help her relax and unwind including relaxing beauty gifts, bath salts, fragrances and scented candles. Aside from gift giving the day is also about bonding with your mum and spending time together. Whatever gift you decide on remember the day is about giving thanks and showing appreciation to your mum and all that she does for you!


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