Home Decor Gift Guide

The art of gift giving can be a tricky task. Speaking from experience taste can be such an individual thing. Too often housewarming gifts or homeware items given as presents can end up hidden in an attic gathering dust, only to be displayed when the gift- giver visits the home! The challenge to most people is that it is hard to strike a balance between a unique and guaranteed-to-please gift.

If you have a home furnishings loving friend or bedroom dweller enthusiast in your life a home décor gift is one of the most popular gifts to give. Whether it be kitchen stools for the friend who spends most of their life in the kitchen area of their home, dinnerware for the cooking lover or bathroom accessories for the friend who loves to turn their bedroom or bathroom into a spa sanctuary, the options are endless.

iStock_000020946252_LargeMost people love the idea of giving artwork as gifts however art is a very personal thing, so the next best thing are frames so someone can frame their own favourite photograph. Cushion and throws to match the colour scheme in a sitting room can be a lovely gift- however error on the side of caution with this one as you will need to be aware of the colour scheme of the room!

Oversized baskets are a very practical and beautiful gift to have in any home. They can be used to hold extra blankets to complement living room furniture or bath towels in your bathroom or as an umbrella holder in your front hall. The possibilities are endless.

On the smaller scale for those looking to play it a bit on the safe side, place mats, tableware or serving platters are also great options.


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