Engagement Party Gifts

An engagement announcement is such a happy occasion and such a life event should be celebrated with a party to mark this very special time in the couple’s lives. And with every engagement party celebration comes the inevitable task of deciding on a suitable engagement gift to purchase.  A simple but well thought out gift engagement gift marks this momentous occasion.

The norm at parties is to bring a good bottle of wine however if you are looking to add a different & personal touch, gifts that brighten up and decorate a new home are a great bet. The challenge is to get a gift that isn’t a picture frame. Chances are your engaged friends have also recently purchased a home therefore a house related gift is the perfect choice.  As nice as a picture frame is, giving a slightly different gift will stand out from the rest. Think candle holders, dinnerware and place mats.

When it comes to bedding and bathroom gifts, there are lots of gift ideas that transform spaces into a spa-like experience. Gifts such as duvets, cushions and throws and bathroom accessories can quickly transform an area making the couple feel like they are on a permanent vacation. Or if your friends fancy themselves as cooking connoisseurs there are so many cool and quirky kitchen gadgets and kitchen accessories that will definitely impress.

Or if all fails you can’t go wrong with a gift card for homeware.


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