Top ten tips for decorating a small living room space

Many homes face the constant challenge of trying to make a living room or family room appear larger. There are in fact many tricks that can be complete to help visually enlarge smaller spaces.  The successful use of darker and brighter wall colours as well as positioning of house furnishings and homeware in a room does require a trained eye. In this two part blog we are going to focus on our decorating tips for small living room spaces.

  1. Choosing multi-functional furniture: When it comes to limited living room space choosing well thought out dual-purpose furniture is a must. For instance a bookshelf used as a sofa table when you can’t walk around sofas or a living room ottoman doubled up as coffee tables and storage containers. Badly positioned armchairs can also either make a room look very small.
  2. Choose a light colour scheme: neutral colour palates work well in a small living room. Cooler colour palates tend to give the impression of a larger space. Brighter hues and colours can be used to accent the room e.g. bright living room rugs or cushions and throws. Small spaces tend to work best with a two or three colour palate, anything more is too fussy. Additionally worth considering is bare wood floors (in a lighter wood) which add to the desired clean, minimalist look. Darker wood floors have the opposite effect.
  3. Usage of mirrors: If is well known that using mirrors can effectively make a room look larger as they function best by reflecting light. However it is necessary to be aware of what actually gets reflected in the mirror. Changing or slightly tweaking the position of wall mirrors around the room can vastly increase the light reflected. If used incorrectly mirrors can also decrease visual space when reflecting the wrong things.
  4. Emphasing vertical lines in a room: This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Look for pieces that encourage eyes to move upwards instead of horizontally. Floor lamps, paintings, long pillar candle holders or lanterns
  5. Choosing furniture carefully: When choosing furniture, looking for pieces that are light in colour and have lightly coloured legs is essential to ensuring your room is bright and airy. This is due to the fact that lighter colours occupy less visual weight allowing the space to appear much more open.

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