Getting your home ready for Autumn

As there are slight glimmers of Autumn and Winter in the air, as the air turns crisp and the leaves change colour it is a great opportunity to make simple tweaks to your homeware and house furnishings to reflect the new time of year. Very simple changes can be made in your home giving it a cozy atmosphere. Autumn is the time to put away the bright vibrant hues of Spring and Summer and give way to deeper warmer tones.

Here are some tips to make your home more comfortable and cozy for Autumn:

Create some warmth: Although it may be too early to light a fire now is a good time to create a cosy atmosphere by using multiple candles in candle holders in the fire place. Choosing candles in cinnamon, pumpkin and nutmeg scents are the perfect choice. Another cute option is to get a basket and load it when branches and a battery operated string of lights in the logs.  Another idea is when looking to add warmth to a room is to switch to heavier curtains as they will help insulate your home.

Use of throws: Autumn and Winter is definitely the time of year to add cushions and throws to a couch and armchairs so that anyone taking a seat can cozy up when the air turns chilly.  Another idea is to think about changing the throw pillows and switch to deeper colours, burlap and knitted textures.

Splashes of colour: Simple tweaks are not just for the living room area but also for the bedrooms and bathrooms. A change in the colour of bath mats and bathroom accessories can really add the Autumnal vibrant hue to a room. In addition bed linen and duvet covers in rustic oranges, golds and reds can really add to the look and feel.

Lastly perfect for getting ready for thanksgiving, adding autumnal hues to tableware and serving dishes for parties is the perfect way to impress guests!


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