Selecting the perfect bar stool

When picking out bar stools or counter stools as part of homeware, a few important items must be taken into consideration. Bar stools come in a range of styles, sizes, fabrics and colours and whilst choosing the colour & look and feel of a stool it’s critical that the measurements and more importantly the height of stools are not overlooked.

Similar with armchairs, firstly you’ll need to measure the height of the bar or table you will be sitting at on the stools. As a guideline give yourself 25-35 cm between the top of the stool seat and the table top. This will ensure plenty of room for sitting comfortably and having your legs crossed.

Another important option to consider is whether the stool you are considering has arms as these will need to comfortably fit underneath the counter too, therefore extra height will need to be factored in for this. Again using a 25-35 cm as a guideline here is best practise. Or a way around it is to reconsider the style of bar stool or counter stool and choose an option where the arms sit well above the counter stop or choose a bar stool with no arms.

Another option to consider is the space behind the bar stools and more importantly to protect walls and other furnishings by taking note of the space around the table or counter. Measure the space from the counter to any obstruction that will be behind the bar stool, ensuring that the bar stool will fit and people will be able to move around behind it with sufficient space to get in and out.


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