Make your home Summer-ready!

With warm sunny days upon us now is certainly the time to make your home Summer-ready and this can be complete in numerous ways some of which include:

First step is to dust off the garden and outdoor furniture from its usual home in the shed and have it proudly displayed outside so that it can be easily accessed and used. If sunny weather is not always guaranteed then purchasing outdoor furniture covers is a clever move.

Next to indoors, one of the most budget-friendly ways to change the entire feel of a room is to swap out anything that reads “winter” including dark fabrics as well as any weighty textures for instance living room furniture such as fluffy ottomans, armchairs, rugs or any cushions and throws. Also putting living room candle holders and candles into hibernation gives an opportunity to throw back the curtains and encourage some natural light into the room.  Replace any living room heavy double layered draperies with thin sheer fabrics in light colours that embrace the summer sun.

In the bedroom, creating a relaxing but also an airy and bright space is the ultimate goal.  Remove any heavy duvet covers and bed linen until the Autumn or Winter and replacing them with a lighter tog version is key.  Another popular addition to the Summer revamp is a set of blackout blinds which really help in getting those extra few hours of sleep.

Be the diva of summer parties with a variety of entertainment accoutrements by investing in some fun-filled serving bowls and dinner sets.
Most of all enjoy yourselves!



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