Choosing the Perfect Sofa…

The humble sofa is among the most iconic pieces of furniture in modern living and it still remains one of the most versatile furniture pieces in any home. Similar to choosing other furniture pieces however, there are infinite options when it comes to choosing sofas.

You may think you know exactly what you want, but once you browse various styles online, the styles, shapes, and customization alternatives are overwhelming. To help with the purchasing process we have developed some top tips for choosing the perfect couch!

First up is the all important size of the sofa. Regardless of whether you live in a one bedroom flat or if you have a large sitting room, you will need to decide on how much of the living room you want your couch to fill. If you are working with a small space standard sized couches can feel too large for the space therefore two-seater or an “apartment-size sofas” are the perfect option. If you are looking for a sofa to be the focal point of a room then rounder shaped couches are the perfect option.

Next up is the all important task of deciding whether to go neutral or colourful. Many toil with the idea a brightly coloured couch however its worth bearing in mind that the couch needs to fit in with whatever colour scheme you may wish to change the room to in the future. A good rule of thumb to remember is if you aren’t certain about the colour, this may mean that you want it because its trendy not because you really love it. Its easy to replace cushions and throws but its a big decision to replace a couch! Also another important factor to consider is whether kids or pets will affect your colour choice. If so, white or beige may not be the best option.

Similar with choosing the perfect colour for your couch, choosing the perfect material is imperative. This is especially important if there are any spillages from kids or pets! Polyester or similar fabrics tend to be easiest to clean whereas velvet tends to stain and is tough to clean.

Lastly the style of a couch is worth considering. Are you looking to create a traditional or contemporary look and feel? Choosing a sofa which ties in with the rest of your room’s decor is imperative otherwise it will look off.


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