7 Reasons Online Shopping Is Always Better Than The Real Thing

Over recent years, we have become an increasingly social and tech savvy nation where immediacy and instant results are becoming the ‘norm’. Online shopping is just one realm that has made everyday tasks more accessible. Heck, now we can even shop for homeware from our smartphones! And its not just the smaller items like cushions and throws , bath mats, and candle holders large furniture items can also be easily purchased all from the comfort of your own home!

Here are seven benefits of going on a virtual shopping spree.


Extortionate car park rates, traffic chaos and long queues are just some of the negatives of a shopping trip to town. There’s a lot to be said for shopping online from the comfort of your own sofa. The perks are endless; from 24/7 access for those who work irregular hours to home delivery for customers from rural areas.

You Can Make A More Informed Decision

Hands up if you ever bought something totally unnecessary thanks to a pushy sales advisor?! Trained to spot your weakness and rattle off the 1,459 reasons you absolutely NEED this product in your life, they could make a trash can sound appealing.

Browsing online will help you to avoid being pounced on the minute you set foot in a shop door. You will also be able to make a thorough and well-researched decision. Checking the products star rating and online reviews will ultimately help you choose the product that is right for your needs.

More Options

Many stores only hold limited stock during sale periods and in-between seasons as they await new lines to come in. More than often, this leaves a poor selection and limited sizing in store. There will more than likely be a much wider range available on the company’s website.

Nobody Knows Your Business

Oh the perks of living in a small town… Trying to buy more discreet items can be an absolute nightmare when there’s a 99.9% chance that the shopkeeper was in your Leaving Cert maths class. And there’s also the risk of bumping into Aunty Mary on the main street. Thanks to the revolution of internet shopping, you can now order personal items such as lingerie, feminine products and more straight to your front door.

Better Deals

There’s always an online discount or coupon code to be found when shopping online. Whether it’s signing up to the company newsletter to avail of 10 per cent off or taking advantage of huge reductions on key dates such as Black Friday, you can always nab a bargain.

Price Comparison

Whole websites actually exist that are solely dedicated to trawling the web to find the best price on the market – just for you! Because there’s nothing more annoying than spotting your recent purchase at a lower price elsewhere. Comparing hotels, holidays and flight prices has never been easier!

Beat The Crowds

Long queues and peak shopping hours can blow your stress levels through the roof. Especially over the festive season! By planning your must-have gift list in advance, you can purchase everything online with one simple click – minus the manic crowds. Winning!



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