Shop Savvy: 4 Perks Of Being An Early Bird Christmas Shopper

They say the early bird catches the worm, and it applies more than ever when it comes to buying that long list of Christmas gifts!

If you shop smart by organising your tasks and store hit-list in advance, you will save significantly on costs. Not to mention keeping your sanity and stress levels in check!

Pre-Christmas Sales

This can only mean one thing. BLACK FRIDAY! We can just feel the excitement and adrenalin building already.

Taking inspiration from America’s most popular shopping day of the year, many Irish stores are now following suit and launching spectacular Black Friday deals. Pre-Christmas sales are also becoming the ‘norm’ in a bid to boost end of year sales. This is the perfect time to nab a bargain on more high-end purchases such as homeware items and electrical goods. From armchairs to a new sofa bar stools or duvet covers your home could really look spectacular this Christmas – thanks to your thrifty planning!

Beat The Seasonal Rush

The final run-up to Christmas is hectic and that’s without a trip to an overcrowded mall. You will be busy winding down in work and trying to get all your duties complete before the holidays and you may have to travel home to visit loved ones. By picking up bits and pieces ahead of the seasonal rush, you’ll avoid the long queues, traffic and general madness. Plus you will have the smug satisfaction that you nabbed this year’s best selling products before they sold out. Bliss.

Extra Time For Online Orders

Starting your haul early will leave you with oodles of time – meaning you can enjoy the perks of online shopping from the comfort of your sofa. Allow at least a few weeks to avail of home delivery and return postage if the item is not fit for its purpose.

More Options Available

Many high street stores will start receiving winter deliveries and displaying their Christmas stock from September onwards. Once the beginning of December rolls around, new items are rarely released as they will already be gearing up for the New Year’s sales and launch of spring campaigns.

So, it’s best to get in early if you would like a wider variety of choice. A last minute dash to the shops could leave you empty-handed or stuck buying presents that are guaranteed to go in the unwanted pile.


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