Top wedding and engagement gift ideas

With the wedding season about to get into full swing, our calendars are booked with bridal showers, hen parties, engagement parties and wedding weekends. An engagement and upcoming nuptial is such a special time for a bride where we plan on showering all of our bride-to-be friends with sentimental, sweet gifts.

Luckily, there are a range of options when it comes to presents for the soon-to-be-bride. Research shows that close friends prefer an actual well-thought out and sentimental gift from a close friend over “money in a card”….And no we aren’t talking about bar stools or armchairs! The options are truly endless and to help you narrow it down, we’ve rounded up our top favorite gifts for the bride and groom-to-be. Take a look…

  • Napkin Rings Always a fun gift, especially for those who love hosting dinner parties. Nowadays the options are endless, napkin rings with antlers or engraved, there are many options to choose from.
  • Bed linen- for those friends who treat their bedroom like a peaceful, restful haven, plush 100% egyptian cotton bed linen is a lovely gift.
  • Bath Towels–  the more “traditional” wedding gift from years gone by! Nowadays this trend can be revived with fun, matching “his and hers” bath towels, again in only the best and finest high tread towels, creating a Spa-like bathroom experience!
  • Candle Stands and Holders or lanterns– are perfect gift ideas for those that love to take pride in their home and especially their living room space! Large lanterns and candle stands help create a relaxed living room ambiance.
  • Lastly quirky wall clocks or mirrors are a gift that if chosen correctly will last someone a lifetime.

Choose carefully!


Stylish new bathroom decoration trends

The fascination with decoration a bathroom, whether it be an ensuite or a main bathroom is nothing unusual these days. This integral part of the home is usually given substantial attention when decorating, especially with ensuite bathrooms which are used every day.

Along with the invention of stylish bathroom accessories which create a sense of luxury to a bathroom, elevating the elegance of this place has become a lot easier now with the use of plush bath mats.

Reflecting a Spa like experience the aim of many house holders is to create an opulent and luxurious space. One of the most preferred appliances which has become extremely popular is corner or stand alone baths. Think candle stands, egyptian cotton bath towels or bath mats, funky bathroom wall mirrors, scented diffusers, bathroom armchairs, splashes of colour or retro weighing scales are usually sought after items, adding a sense of calm and luxury to the space.

Ideal Mothers Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s very fitting with all of the unconditional love and support our mums give us that there is a day held in their honour! Taking place on the 6th March, Mothers Day is the one day of the year where we have no excuse but to spoil our mums and give them all the attention they so deserve.

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The ease of purchasing homeware online

The days are well and truly counting down until Christmas and the January sales.  For many the trend of shopping online for gifts has grown steadily over the past few years and there is no better time to test out the ease of online shopping over the next few weeks.

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Christmas gifts: What to get the person who has everything

With only a few days left until Christmas, despite our best intentions many of us will have left it to the last minute to think about what gifts to buy your nearest and dearest. With only a handful of shopping days left, most people have that one person whether it be a family member or friend for whom getting the perfect gift can seem near impossible to locate.  “The friend who has everything” can often be difficult to shop for and it can often be hard to discern what Christmas gift they would like the most.

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Pre planning Christmas Gifts

With just six weeks until Christmas and it’s that time of year to dust off your santa hat and think about what gifts you are going to give your nearest and dearest.

Pre-planning the art of Christmas gift giving is a necessity to ensure last minute stresses of gift giving are kept at bay. Nobody wants the hassle of running around in a last minute frenzy trying to think about what gifts to purchase family and friends.

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Top tips for making a room look bigger

In this feature we are delighted to share with you our top homeware tips for making a room look bigger using clever lighting and furnishing.

  1. Clever use of lighting

If you are not lucky enough to have a lot of natural light flowing into a room, creative lighting effects can make a big difference to a room. If you don’t have access to natural light ensure window coverings, blinds and curtains are pulled back away from the window connecting your room with the outdoors. Lamps, candles and cushions and throws in a bright colour or lanterns will help bring in special colour and focus attention.

  1. Use light colours

Cream colours, pastels and blues are the best colour combinations to convert a tiny room into a brighter living space. Brightly coloured walls make a room feel open and airy helping to maximise the effect created by light, whereas dark colours absorb light which in turn makes a room look smaller.  Living room rugs can additionally help make a living room space look much larger and more inviting.

  1. Remove Clutter

Keeping an area tidy and organised is the key to making a room look larger. A cluttered room equals a smaller room. Making one item the key focus or focal point in the room is essential. When it comes to bedroom furniture this is likely to be the bed. Ensure there is no clutter placed on the bed and keep floor space clean and tidy. For dining room furniture its likely to be the kitchen table, where removing kitchen gadgets and tableware can lead to a more inviting space.

  1. Effective use of mirrors

This one is a bit obvious but is worth mentioning again. Effective placement of wall mirrors can make a room look much larger if a focal point is picked and the mirror is angled towards it which will in turn give the illusion of depth. Mirrors have the added benefit of reflecting natural and artificial light.

  1. Inspiring furniture pieces

Multi functional furniture pieces are great space savers. A chest or living room bench which is additionally used as a coffee table, a sofa bed or beds with underneath storage are great for ensuring little clutter.  Another great idea is to choose a sofa and armchairs with open arms and exposed legs, allowing light to filter under the furniture to make the room appear airier.

Gifts for newly weds

Wedding gift giving is an unavoidable task. With every wedding you attend comes the inevitable task of choosing a wedding gift. Regardless of whether you are choosing a gift for a friend or family member, a personalised wedding gift adds more of a special and personal touch.  A personalised wedding gift is the perfect choice for a close friend or family member. Sure cash is always a welcome present and it’s no secret that for a lot of couples money is high on the priority list however a well thought out gift is something people can enjoy for years to come.

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Getting your home ready for Autumn

As there are slight glimmers of Autumn and Winter in the air, as the air turns crisp and the leaves change colour it is a great opportunity to make simple tweaks to your homeware and house furnishings to reflect the new time of year. Very simple changes can be made in your home giving it a cozy atmosphere. Autumn is the time to put away the bright vibrant hues of Spring and Summer and give way to deeper warmer tones.

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Top ten tips for decorating a small living room space

Many homes face the constant challenge of trying to make a living room or family room appear larger. There are in fact many tricks that can be complete to help visually enlarge smaller spaces.  The successful use of darker and brighter wall colours as well as positioning of house furnishings and homeware in a room does require a trained eye. In this two part blog we are going to focus on our decorating tips for small living room spaces.

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